Thursday, 5 April 2012

Hi people,
well the next picture in the series is a 'brown bear'.........
here is the main sketch......
hell people..... here is the next update of the bear.......not so many this time as I got carried away with it.:)
 yes I have enlarged the bear a little....after all he is the subject matter :)

well a clean up and fur put on the happy fellow :)
I think I will have to give him a 'deeper chest' his front leg looks wrong at the shoulder :)

ok...I have rectified the chest/leg problem :)

 I think that looks better now :)

have a fun day :)


  1. Great sequence, Don! Yes, I think the leg looks good now, specially since he is standing in that position. Marvelous!

  2. Hi Elsie, many thanks for the comment... I hope your 'world' is slowing down a bit for you now :)